Drive into the Future with Miller Electric

In Nashville, Tennessee, a Save A Lot grocery store is preparing for the future with the help of Miller Electric. 

Miller Electric is installing three superchargers at their store so customers are able to charge their cars while they shop. Superchargers are also known as Level 3 chargers, which allow cars to be charged significantly faster than a normal EV charger. The three chargers being installed here will have the ability to charge up to four cars at the same time. A combined effort between our EV Solutions team and our Nashville branch, this project is a great example of how when our teams collaborate we deliver successful projects to our clients. 

This project is the first one that Miller Electric has ever teamed up with WB Engineering and EVGo to complete. 

Since the EV industry is rapidly growing, we have dedicated our corporate resources to expand and grow EV infrastructure solutions for our clients. An early adopter in this market, we offer a robust lineup of nationwide EV solutions. We have completed nationwide implementations for many Fortune 500 companies in a diversified range of industries and have over 10 years of experience in the EV sector.

The photo below of WB Engineering and the Miller Team. Left to Right Greg Brenner, Jake Rieder and Scott Kantner – WB Engineers

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