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As the nation’s leading EV solutions leader, we have the capability to help you plan for today and tomorrow with our comprehensive commercial solutions. Our team is prepared to help you realize your customer and client amenity needs and sustainability efforts utilizing the latest in EV technology.

EVs on the road jumped from 22K to 2M+ in 10 years

The number of EVs on the road jumped from about 22,000 to a little over 2 million over the 2011–21 decade. Several factors are expected to continue to drive consumer demand for EVs over the 2021–31 decade: environmental concerns, greater vehicle choice, improved battery capacity, and cost savings.

50% of companies will decarbonize fleets by 2027.

Surveys show many companies across the fleet value chain are optimistic about the outlook for electrified transport, with more than 50 percent planning to fully decarbonize their fleets by 2027.

Lifecycle of a Commercial EV Project

Miller EV Solutions is the nation’s leading EV solutions provider. We are ready to partner with you at any step of the process. We are also able to provide solutions throughout the entire lifecycle if you are just beginning the journey of electrification as a service. Our team of experts will guide you through the project lifecycle, ensuring you receive the service and products you can trust which align with our core values of trust, collaboration, safety, quality, stewardship, and community.

Commercial Lifecycle


  • Assess goals for transition to EV with an internal understanding of the scale to complete this transition


  • Tailored service & maintenance programs
  • Integrated services plan
  • Monitoring


  • Civil work
  • Electrical infrastructure commissioning


  • Utility coordination
  • Scheduling & permitting


  • Finalize and procure vehicles, charging equipment, and electrical distribution gear

Financial Assessment

  • What incentives & rebates do you qualify for?
  • Green Financing options through our partners


  • Route Analytics
  • Charger to vehicle ratio
  • Charger selection (level 2 vs level 3, which mfg)
  • Site design & layout
  • Future proof for growth

Design & Engineering Considerations

When designing and engineering your EV project, make sure to keep in mind the following for a successful outcome:

  • Software solutions, i.e. charging schedule, penalty parking
  • Increasing availability of Electric Vehicle solutions
  • Charger to vehicle ratio
  • Charger Selection
    Level 2 vs Level 3 | Manufacturer
  • Site design & layout
  • Ability to work anywhere in the US
  • Future proof for growth of your EV infrastructure

Rebates & Incentives

Funding and financing for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure can come from a variety of sources, including federal, state, and local government agencies, and utility companies. There are also ways to lower upfront costs through grants, rebates, discounts, tax exemptions, and credits.

When expense is a concern and budgets are tight, we can help you locate the monetary support that provides a smooth path to widespread deployment of an EV charging infrastructure.

It is important to remember that there is not one best pathway to reducing upfront costs. Depending on the circumstances, several different approaches could apply; layering funding and financing from multiple sources and programs.

Our team of experts can evaluate your project and provide a detailed report of all rebates and incentives that may be applicable.

Differentiating Solutions


Just like any other vehicle, EVs and their charging stations need regular maintenance to keep them performing their best.

This is especially true for fleet systems, where properly operating chargers are mission critical. Using advanced analytics and a robust dashboard, we leverage preventative maintenance to ensure your investment stays powered.
  • One-stop-shop that’s brand-agnostic and stocked with a full-service in-house team
  • Dedicated experienced EV technicians with a nationwide reach
  • Customized preventative maintenance plans and services for your business


In order to reduce job costs and lower on-site footprint, our team uses prefabrication to streamline our EV solutions. Prefabrication means we construct the majority of your charging station set-up off-site at our 53,000-square-foot prefab facility — and then transport those pieces to the job site on the day of installation.

Utilizing our Virtual Design Team, we essentially construct your project twice: once in the virtual world and then on the construction site. You will be able to see in 3D a fully-realized model of your electrical system with additional drawings of the prefabrication components. This allows for more efficient and constructible designs.

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