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Revolutionizing EV Charger Installations

At Miller EV Solutions, our commitment to advancing EV solutions, embracing technological innovations, optimizing total cost of ownership, and adhering to government regulations underscores our dedication to empowering clients in making informed decisions regarding the transition of their fleets and facilities to electrification.

EV Prefabricated Skids

In pursuit of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape, Miller EV Solutions has introduced a groundbreaking solution – the prefabricated EV Skids. This innovative approach not only reflects our dedication to cutting-edge technology but also addresses the imperative of reducing costs and time associated with EV charger installations.

What are they?

Our prefabricated skids are a system that houses the necessary conduit and wire which is run to pre-installed and mounted chargers that have been selected by the client. These skid systems are prefabricated in our warehouse and prefab shops throughout the United States prior to being sent onsite for construction. They are built in a controlled environment and then shipped to the site location(s) for installation.

Key Features

Manufacturing Excellence

Our Prefabricated EV Skids are meticulously crafted in our U.S.-based warehouses, utilizing premium U.S. manufactured materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. This approach ensures not only expeditious project completion but also upholds the renowned quality synonymous with Miller Electric Company.

Efficient Design

The skid system encapsulates leading conduit and wire, seamlessly directing leads to pre-installed and mounted chargers of the client’s choice. This design, fully customizable to individual client needs, sets a new standard in flexibility and adaptability.

Quality Prefabrication

Built in controlled environments within our warehouses and prefab shops across the United States, these skid systems undergo rigorous testing before being dispatched to onsite locations for installation. This conscientious process guarantees the reliability and performance of our solutions.

Benefits that Matters

  • Custom Design: The skids offer full customization, accommodating multiple chargers in diverse configurations tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client.

  • Time Efficient: Prefabrication significantly reduces onsite construction time, enabling all essential components to be installed, tested, and prepared beforehand, minimizing disruption to day-to-day activities.

  • Cost Savings and Safety Enhancement: By streamlining the installation process, costs are reduced, and safety is enhanced through controlled environments, minimizing onsite risks and maximizing efficiency.

  • Mobility: The skids provide a mobile charging solution, allowing for easy uninstallation and relocation, facilitating strategic placement and testing in response to evolving user demands.


  • Reduced Disruption: Our prefabricated solution mitigates disruption time compared to traditional charger installations, ensuring a smoother transition for clients.

  • In-House Production: Skids are built in-house to expedite production and shipping times, reflecting our commitment to timely project completion.

  • Transferability: Skids are transferable, offering flexibility in case of lease expiration, demonstrating our foresight in addressing clients’ evolving needs.

  • Charger Selection Assistance: We provide expert guidance in selecting chargers to be seamlessly integrated into the skid, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

  • Prefabrication Advantages: Early design customization caters to specific site needs and preferences, preparing clients to capitalize on the growing demand as the number of EV drivers increases.

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As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, Miller EV Solutions stands as your strategic partner, ready to navigate the dynamic challenges and proactively seize opportunities for a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective future.

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