Electric Buses: Fast-charging Student Transportation

Electric fleets are a critical part of sustainable energy; even a small fleet of electric vehicles can eliminate millions of pounds of carbon emissions. Over time, EV fleets also save companies, governments, and educational institutions tens of millions of dollars in fuel and upkeep costs. Miller Electric is proud to have teams with the capability and experience required to speed up the mass-adoption of electric fleets. 

One institution that has embraced the green movement is Florida State University; Their campus is now greener and more quiet than ever before, all thanks to their new fleet of electric buses and a little help from Miller Electric. Last year, FSU moved to make the transition to a sustainable transportation fleet. This transformation came in the form of a bus fleet from Proterra, a company that manufactures electric vehicles for public transportation. By switching to electric buses, FSU sets a benchmark for schools across America looking to go green.

Running a model zero-emission electric bus fleet requires a lot of power. Our teams recently completed the installation of two fast-charging stations at two different bus stops on campus. They also constructed all the necessary infrastructure required to operate an EV fleet of such a large scale. These state-of-the-art charging stations can take a 35-foot, 28-person electric bus from “empty” to a full charge in about 10 minutes.

We can expect to see more and more businesses and institutions modernize their fleets with electric vehicles in the near future; who wouldn’t want to help the environment and their bottom line at the same time? At their side will be Miller Electric, providing the expertise gathered from 90 years of providing countless services to numerous markets. Sustainability is the future and we can’t wait to bring it to everyone.

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