How to Successfully Expand EV Charging Spaces at Multi-Family Properties

Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the way we move, shaping a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. 

As the electric revolution gains momentum, multi-family properties — such as apartment complexes and condominiums — have found themselves at the forefront of this transformative wave. 

The challenge? To seamlessly integrate electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the fabric of these communities, balancing the space between traditional auto and the new electric vehicle chargers. 

Allocating parking spaces for the growing number of EVs means taking a strategic route to address demand.

Understanding the Challenges

Limited parking spaces

Parking spaces come at a premium in multi-family properties, where cost, zoning and regulations all play a role in the amount of room available. In addition to these concerns, there is still a need for traditional parking spaces. While EVs are becoming an increasingly important part of the market, ICE vehicles (or those with an internal combustion engine) still make up the majority of vehicles on the road. Balancing the two requires planning and preparation. 

Varying charging needs

Multifamily properties must be ready to accommodate the different types of charging needs residents might have. That includes longer charges, overnight charges and quick top-ups. Allocating the right types of chargers (Level 1, Level 2, or DC Fast Chargers) is important to ensure that multi-family properties are providing worthwhile charging services to their residents. 

Strategies for Allocating EV Charging Spaces

Prioritizing based on need

One of the most important considerations in allocating EV charging spaces is addressing your residents’ requirements. Those with longer commutes or higher charging demands may necessitate priority over residents with less pressing needs. Priority charging gives more charging power to one or more stations while distributing the remaining power among other stations. You can also offer paid charging stations as a way to create a new revenue stream and help manage needs more effectively among residents. 

Conducting a survey

Understanding your audience is key to making smart decisions regarding demand for electric vehicle chargers. Conduct a survey to better understand your residents’ needs. A survey will help you better understand how many chargers your project requires, where to place them and how to allocate them for your residents. 

Implementing a reservation system

Implementing a reservation system allows properties to ensure everyone gets the charging time they need in a fair and equitable way. Residents will be guaranteed charging stations and won’t have to compete with each other for access to a charge. Turnkey EV charging solutions offer digital reservation management, which is beneficial for property managers who are juggling an array of issues around the development.

Installing shared charging stations

Space comes at a premium at multi-family properties, so maximizing each area is important for installing charging stations. That’s where shared charging stations can be useful. Shared charging stations allow multiple EV drivers to use the same charging station at different times (with the help of a reservation system like we described above). 

Offering incentives for EV ownership

Property owners can offer EV charging as a paid amenity that allows EV drivers to have access and priority for charging their vehicles. Property owners can also use incentives like preferred parking spaces to encourage EV users to select their property. 

In addition to incentives for residents, state and local governments also offer incentives for charging stations to property owners. Partnering with an installer who has an understanding of these incentives can save money on the installation process. 

By addressing limited space, cost and funding issues, and technical considerations, multi-family properties can contribute to the growth of EV adoption and provide convenient charging options for their residents. 

Ready to charge up your multi-family project with smart EV charging stations? Contact us today to help plan and build your infrastructure in a way that solves your residents needs and increases the desirability of your property. 

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