How Your Multi-Family Property Can Benefit From Leading the Charge in Sustainable Transportation 

With more than a third of all Americans living in multi-family properties, the need for on-site infrastructure and charging solutions for electric vehicles is becoming an increasingly common demand for property managers. 

In a 2022 National Multifamily Housing Council Survey, 27% of renters said they were interested in EV charging stations — and respondents even confirmed they’d pay more per month for the added amenity. 

Charging stations are becoming a differentiating factor in housing choices for EV drivers. Owners and managers of multi-family properties lead the charge in sustainable EV charging options, catering to their residents’ needs. 

Why Install EV Chargers at Your Multi-family Property? 

For property managers, condo associations, and commercial developers, installing EV chargers within multi-family spaces shows a tangible commitment to their residents and to sustainable transportation solutions. 

Make Properties More Attractive 

Installing EV infrastructure creates a more desirable environment for high-income, eco-friendly residents that multi-family properties want to attract. For EV drivers, charging infrastructure is a must-have amenity in deciphering between multi-family housing options. By incorporating EV chargers, your multi-family development is positioned to be more competitive in the market.

On-site EV chargers can also raise property values, allowing owners to charge higher rents for units that have access to EV infrastructure. 

Prepare for the Future

As EV charging stations move from an amenity to an expected feature, it’s wise to anticipate new regulations that might require EV charger installation at multi-family properties.

EV charging infrastructure is already subject to “right-to-charge” laws. These policies allow EV owners to install charging stations at a multi-family property at their own cost, so long as certain provisions are met. This causes problems as residents install charging stations that may not meet the property’s charging needs efficiently. Offering EV charging infrastructure reduces  confusion around these laws and makes it easier to attract residents who own EVs. 

Creating a Customer-Centered Residence

Miller EV Solutions is all about powering businesses to help better serve their customers — and multi-family properties are no exception. Residents today are not just looking for a place to live; they’re seeking communities that enhance their lifestyles. 

By installing state-of-the-art EV chargers on a property, owners and managers are taking a significant step towards becoming a truly customer-centered business. EV chargers offer residents the convenience and accessibility they demand in an increasingly electric world. Whether they’re experienced EV drivers or just starting their journey, on-site EV chargers ensure that they have the infrastructure they need right at their doorstep.

Counteract Costs 

Working with an experienced EV charging solutions provider like Miller EV Solutions makes it easy to counteract the initial cost  of providing stations at your property. There are Federal, state and local tax credits that make charging stations more affordable, as well as grants and other funding sources that offset the cost of installing stations. Our team can help direct property owners to these cost-saving resources. Property owners can also incentivize sustainable transportation by offering paid charging spaces to residents, which could add another revenue source for property owners. 

Collaborating with Miller EV Solutions

Miller EV Solutions is a one-stop shop that’s brand agnostic and offers a full-service, in-house team. 

Nationwide Reach 

Miller EV Solutions was an early adopter of EV charging technology and has more than a decade of experience in the sector providing a wide range of solutions. We have completed nationwide implementation projects for Fortune 500 companies around the country and  across many different industries. We’ve installed thousands of EV charging stations – we can manage every project, no matter the job, from beginning to end.  

Experienced Professionals  

Miller EV Solutions has dedicated, experienced electricians, program managers, engineers and more s who understand the complexities of the EV market and its critical infrastructure. They are trained and stay up-to-date on the constantly-evolving world of EVs. From installation to maintenance, the team understands every stage of the EV lifecycle.  

Customized Solutions

Miller EV Solutions creates customized, prefabricated solutions that streamline EV set-up – reducing costs and decreasing time on-site. The team also partners directly with utility companies and service providers in a way that cuts out the middleman and saves time and money. 

Multi-family properties play an important role in driving change toward sustainable transportation. By working with an experienced provider like Miller EV Solutions, these properties can lead the charge in reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and creating more sustainable communities.

Ready to differentiate your property from competitors with EV charging infrastructure that attracts residents? Fill out the form to start planning your EV project in a way that builds a cleaner future for all. 

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