Case Study: Miller EV Solutions Expedites EV Charger Installation with Condoit Mobile App 

As the demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure surges, Miller EV Solutions faces a monumental challenge: executing site walks for projects across the nation on deadline — and with efficiency in mind. 

With hundreds of locations in need of assessment, coordination was a logistical puzzle that needed an innovative solution.

Enter Condoit, an app designed to quickly and accurately collect electrical infrastructure information in the field, plan for new equipment, and analyze new designs according to NEC standards. 

Simplifying Site Assessments

Miller EV Solution’s partnership with Condoit proved to be transformative. 

“Condoit’s core values align with ours,” said Mike Hall, Director of EV Development with Miller EV Solutions. “The company was founded by an electrician who was doing things on pen and paper — and knew there was a better way. They tailor solutions specifically to electricians, and there’s a lot of value in that.” 

Condoit provided the Miller EV Solutions team with a streamlined approach to create EV charger installation estimates by leveraging a mobile app tailored to Miller’s needs. This mobile solution became the linchpin in revolutionizing the data collection process for both internal and external reps. 

Because of Condoit, Miller EV Solutions is able to increase savings for the client in terms of time and money. The application helps to reduce errors, eliminate unnecessary information, and create a clear-cut proposal containing all relevant details for the client.

For example, through a customized form, Miller EV Solutions team members and representatives used their mobile devices to: 

  • Capture comprehensive photos of existing equipment and job sites
  • Utilize Google maps and mark-up tools to strategize optimal charger locations
  • Analyze load requirements, identifying the necessity for new equipment
  • Generate as-built and alternative digital designs via one-line diagrams
  • Automatically compile a bill-of-materials for required new equipment
  • Expedite estimate generation, reducing the timeline from days to hours

Profiles in Innovation

Miller EV Solutions, with its multiple branch locations and numerous industry alliances, serves electric vehicle clients across the nation. The company’s commitment to consistency across its footprint provides clients with a unified point of contact for their electrical and technological infrastructure requirements.

“I went from three tools to one for my site assessments. I had to use Bluebeam, AutoCAD, and my phone for photos before Condoit,” said Brian Arnold, a Project Manager at Miller EV Solutions. 

Created by electricians for electricians, Condoit emerges as a game-changer in the digital toolbox realm. Offering a user-friendly interface, automated workflows, and real-time data sharing, Condoit empowers its users to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce manual process expenses.

Remarkable Outcomes

The results of this partnership were nothing short of impressive:

  • 143 site assessments completed within a span of just six months
  • Swift mobilization of the workforce to accomplish tasks
  • Standardized data collection to significantly reduce time on-site 
  • Rapid scaling of Miller EV Solutions to meet escalating client demands

Next Steps 

By leveraging Condoit’s tailored mobile solution, Miller EV Solutions streamlined site assessments, optimizing processes from capturing comprehensive site photos to generating estimates in hours rather than days. 

Moving forward, the EV team will continue to drive forward innovations to sustain their efficiency gains and consistently deliver quality services across their national footprint. With the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center open and accessible, Miller EV Solutions will continue to train additional personnel and explore potential enhancements for even greater productivity.

Interested in becoming a Miller subcontractor?

Miller Electric continues to build its list of electrical subcontractors through Condoit to meet the needs of our clients across the United States.

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