Winter Maintenance Guide for Commercial EV Chargers: Expert Tips from Miller EV Solutions

Along with colder weather, winter brings a number of seasonal challenges for commercial EV chargers. Temperature drops can compromise charger performance, causing them to experience reduced efficiency and charging speed. Increased demand for heat also puts strain on the power grid. Plus, seasonal wear and tear can shorten the lifespan of chargers.

Whether you are supplying chargers to your customers or ensuring your fleet stays powered, access to reliable charging stations can be critical to your business. Here are some ways to ensure your charging stations remain a dependable resource, even in the most frigid conditions.

Inspect Chargers Regularly

Routine inspections help identify and address potential issues early on, ensuring all charging components are in peak condition. Plus, conducting regular checkups will proactively reduce the need for repairs down the road.

Identifying Signs of Wear, Corrosion and Weather Damage

  • Assess the overall condition of components on a recurring basis, addressing any signs of wear that may lead to future malfunctions.
  • Look for rust, corrosion or visible damage to the charging units.
  • Inspect cables and connectors for frayed wires, loose connections or signs of brittleness caused by freezing temperatures.
  • Ensure seals, gaskets and other protective measures are intact. Check for signs of water entry, such as moisture inside the charging unit.
  • Keep charging ports clear of snow and ice to ensure user safety and prevent damage to cables and connectors. 
  • If snow has collected, use a soft bristle brush to lightly brush away any snow or debris around the cables.

Extend Charger Lifespan and Ensure Fleet Reliability

Proper winter care involves preventative measures that help extend a charger’s lifespan. This includes:

Preventing corrosion

Winter maintenance involves regular cleaning and corrosion prevention measures, such as applying protective coatings. Minimizing corrosion maintains the structural integrity of the charger, contributing to a longer lifespan.

Avoiding ice-related damage

Ice that accumulates on a charging station, including its connectors and cables, can cause physical damage. Taking measures to prevent buildup helps the charger’s components remain intact and functional over a more extended period.

Inspecting electrical connections

Cold temperatures can affect electrical connections, leading to increased resistance and potential wear. Regular inspections and maintenance during winter involve checking electrical connections for signs of wear, ensuring proper contact and addressing any issues promptly.

Optimizing internal components

EV chargers often have internal components that are sensitive to temperature variations. Implementing insulation and heating systems keeps them within their optimal operating temperature range. By preventing extreme temperature fluctuations, internal components are less prone to stress and degradation, promoting a longer lifespan.

Performing routine inspections

By addressing factors that could otherwise lead to wear, damage or inefficiency, your fleet will stay reliably charged through the colder months and beyond.

Schedule Professional Maintenance for Winter-Specific Servicing

Investing in professional maintenance is critical for ensuring the optimal performance of your commercial EV chargers. Experienced providers understand the unique challenges brought on by colder weather and are armed with specialized knowledge to address concerns.

Miller EV Solutions powers your fleet with a consistent and proactive approach to all service and  maintenance including extreme weather events. After creating a custom care strategy, a team of dedicated EV technicians provides round-the-clock service to help you stick to it.

Winter maintenance is essential for enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your commercial EV chargers. By implementing these tips for proper care, drivers can confidently rely on your fleet’s charging infrastructure — even in harsh winter conditions.

Miller EV Solutions is committed to supporting you through the winter months. Reach out today to ensure your EV chargers are ready for the season.

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