Meet Our 2024 Summer Interns

We are excited to highlight our eager summer interns, Calvin Hansen and Avery Grover. We are happy they have joined the Miller EV Solutions family. These promising individuals bring fresh perspectives, and an eagerness to learn.

Meet Calvin Hansen

Calvin is a finance major at the University of Central Florida. He decided to intern with us to gain invaluable professional experience and immerse himself in the technical aspects of project management. Calvin is working closely with our Senior Project Manager, Terry Long, who is guiding him through the intricacies of project planning and execution. Calvin’s enthusiasm for understanding the entire project management process, from initial planning stages to final execution, is evident.

“I’m eager to understand the whole project management process, from planning to execution,” says Calvin. “Learning about estimating has given me a new appreciation for all the behind-the-scenes work.”

Meet Avery Grover

Avery recently graduated from the Episcopal School of Jacksonville and is an upcoming Psychology major at Southern Methodist University. Her journey with Miller Electric began when she learned about our company from a friend and former intern. Avery is passionate about exploring the marketing world and gaining professional experience in this field. She is collaborating with Marketing and Analytics Associate, Kayla Franklin, to deepen her marketing knowledge and build valuable connections.

“I hope to work on building connections with people and really being able to expand my marketing knowledge. The intentionality behind everything in marketing, down to the smallest details, is fascinating to me,” Avery shares.

Our Goals for the Summer

Calvin and Avery have set clear and ambitious goals for their internships. Calvin aims to master the project management process and gain a solid understanding of the essential elements that contribute to successful project execution. Avery looks forward to expanding her marketing knowledge, particularly in the areas of strategic planning and detail-oriented execution, while also building a strong professional network.

Welcoming the Future

At Miller EV Solutions, we believe in amplifying the next generation by providing opportunities for young professionals to learn, grow, and make meaningful contributions. Calvin and Avery’s dedication and enthusiasm are inspiring, and we are excited to see the impact they will make during their time with us.

Stay tuned to learn more about our interns and how they are contributing to our projects this summer. We are confident that Calvin and Avery will have a transformative experience, and we are delighted to support them on their professional journeys.

We are enjoying having them both on the EV Solutions team! Welcome to Calvin and Avery!

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