IRA Clean Energy Tax Credit

Inflation Reduction Act:
Benefits of Working with Miller EV Solutions

The current administrations introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act has opened up exciting new tax incentives for businesses around the nation. To take advantage of these benefits companies will need to work with contractors who understand the ins and outs of the Prevailing Wage Act.

As experienced electrical contractors, Miller EV Solutions is well-versed in the prevailing wage requirements, ensuring your project complies with all regulations and qualifies for the Inflation Reduction Act tax benefits.

In this blog post, we break down the key points of the Prevailing Wage Act and the Inflation Reduction Act, and show how partnering with MEVS can unlock significant rebates for any business looking to install EV charging.

Keep reading to discover how MEVS can help you harness the power of these tax incentives.

Impact and Benefits of Compliance

Enhanced Tax Incentives

Adherence to prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements allows taxpayers to amplify the base amounts of numerous clean energy tax incentives by up to five times. Specific credits impacted include:

    • Alternative Fuel Refueling Property Credit
    • Production Tax Credit
    • Carbon Oxide Sequestration Credit
    • Clean Hydrogen Production Credit
    • Clean Fuel Production Credit
    • Investment Tax Credit
    • Advanced Energy Project Credit
    • Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction
    • Additional provisions for new energy-efficient homes and zero-emission nuclear power production

Job Quality and Workforce Development

The IR Act is designed to elevate job quality within the clean energy sectors and to broaden educational and training pathways, ensuring that workers are both fairly-compensated and highly skilled.

Compliance and Enforcement

Record keeping

Comprehensive record-keeping is mandatory to establish compliance, with detailed records on wages paid, worker classifications, and hours worked being required.

Guidance and Support

Both the IRS and the Department of Labor provide extensive resources and FAQs to assist taxpayers, contractors, and subcontractors in understanding and meeting these requirements. These resources are available online, including guides on how to find wage determinations and resources to help you understand prevailing wage requirements on

Strategic Importance

Link to Broader Goals

These regulations connect substantial climate investments with significant job creation initiatives, aiming to enhance both environmental sustainability and economic growth. This strategic alignment underscores the dual benefits of compliance, impacting both the marketplace and the workforce positively.

Maintaining compliance with these provisions is crucial to fulfilling the requirements set forth by the Inflation Reduction Act and securing the intended tax benefits while contributing to the broader goals of economic and environmental sustainability.

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