Powering the Possibilities with

Powering the Possibilities with

Driving innovation and sustainability with our highly anticipated Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center.

Transportation is changing.

With a focus on reduced emissions and sustainability, the shift toward Electrification has shaped the future of our entire industry.

At Miller Electric Company, as businesses increasingly transition to clean vehicle solutions, we have never been more ready to help you supercharge your infrastructure — to offer sustainable solutions that power your customers, fleets, and more. This is why we have created Miller EV Solutions, a team dedicated to expanding and growing EV infrastructure solutions for our clients.

Miller EV Solutions is not simply a division of Miller Electric Company, but a cross-functional team of professionals that combines decades of knowledge and experience in critical infrastructure.

As the EV industry continues to grow, we bring more than 95 years of experience and full-service in-house capabilities, providing a proven end-to-end approach that gets you electrified faster, with the future in mind.

Learn about the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center (EVIDC)

Located in Jacksonville, the EVIDC is a public facility designed to provide an immersive experience for EV users. With a wide array of level 2 chargers and level 3 DC fast chargers from various manufacturers, the center allows visitors to explore and experience different charging solutions firsthand. Additionally, the center features four pull-through charging stations specifically designed for buses and heavy-duty vehicles, catering to the diverse needs of commercial consumers.

The EVIDC serves as an unbiased platform for comprehensive testing and solution combinations. It enables stakeholders to identify the most effective EV infrastructure and smart city solutions to meet client needs and goals.

Reach That Knows No Borders

For over 10 years, we have been providing EV charging and infrastructure solutions for our clients from coast to coast and beyond. Utilizing a network of branch offices and strong relationships with reputable partners, we have the capabilities to serve our clients wherever they need us.

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