Case Study: Miller EV Solutions Expedites EV Charger Installation with Condoit Mobile App 

As the demand for electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure surges, Miller EV Solutions faces a monumental challenge: executing site walks for projects across the nation on deadline — and with efficiency in mind.  With hundreds of locations in need of assessment, coordination was a logistical puzzle that needed an innovative solution. Enter Condoit, an app designed […]

Winter Maintenance Guide for Commercial EV Chargers: Expert Tips from Miller EV Solutions

Along with colder weather, winter brings a number of seasonal challenges for commercial EV chargers. Temperature drops can compromise charger performance, causing them to experience reduced efficiency and charging speed. Increased demand for heat also puts strain on the power grid. Plus, seasonal wear and tear can shorten the lifespan of chargers. Whether you are […]

Miller EV Solutions and CBRE Announce the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center Grand Opening

A First-of-Its-Kind Interactive Public Facility for EV Technology and Training Jacksonville, Florida – November 17, 2023 – Miller EV Solutions, a pioneering leader in the electrical contracting industry, in partnership with CBRE, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Electric Vehicle Innovation Design Center (EVIDC). This groundbreaking initiative embodies Miller EV Solution’s unwavering commitment […]

The Rise of EVs: Why Retailers Should Embrace Charging Stations

The International Energy Agency estimates more than 145 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the road worldwide by 2030. This dramatic increase means the need for EV charging infrastructure is more critical than ever.  This creates a significant opportunity for retailers – adding charging stations to parking lots can put you one step ahead […]

How to Successfully Expand EV Charging Spaces at Multi-Family Properties

Electric vehicles (EVs) are revolutionizing the way we move, shaping a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.  As the electric revolution gains momentum, multi-family properties — such as apartment complexes and condominiums — have found themselves at the forefront of this transformative wave.  The challenge? To seamlessly integrate electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the fabric […]

Lifecycle of a Fleet Vehicle EV Project

On the path to electrification, it can be easy to get lost. With Miller EV Solutions, we guide you through every turn and stop, ensuring your journey is smooth and your progress on time and on budget. Sign Up For Email Updates from Miller EV Solutions

How Florida State University Supports On-Campus Sustainable Transportation

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, college campuses are taking bold steps to embrace sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.  One of the most innovative and impactful changes universities are making is the electrification of student buses. This transformation serves multiple purposes. One purpose is to switch to a cleaner, more energy-efficient mode of […]

Riding out the Storm: Preparing Your Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Hurricane Season

Ensure Resilience and Swift Recovery During and After Severe Weather With Florida’s hurricane season expected to peak in the coming weeks, businesses with electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure must prioritize safety and functionality during and after severe weather events. These essential recommendations from our Miller EV Solutions team can help businesses prepare their EV stations and […]